13-15 November 2019
Singapore, Singapore
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Special Highlights

Day 3 – Futuristic & People Oriented Cities

In today’s day and age, people choose to live in places that are convenient, vibrant, safe, easy, lifestyle driven, affordable, community oriented, have control over the decision making process and adds value to their lives. This makes a city desirable to live in. It attaches a person to his city. In order for cities to be liveable, it needs to be thought as systems of interdependent parts and complex connections, as interactive and social spaces. Reclaiming urban spaces for people is part of how we can humanise our cities and make our streets more communal. This all day plenary will focus on topics like Connected Streets, Bulding Vibrant Communities, Car Free Streets, Active Streets, Reinforcing Local Economy, Creating Green Public Spaces to Reduce Environmental Impact and Increase Quality of Living, Transforming Abandoned Spaces into Green Public Space, Increasing Public Safety, Rethinking Urban Design to Create Healthier Community, The Future of Walkability, Engaging Citizens in Decison Making through Transparent and Open Government Data and much more.

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