23-25 November 2020
Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
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Multi Stream Conference

Tailor-make your own programme by selecting from any of these streams over Day One and Day Two:

Stream One: Urbanisation & Innovation

This stream focuses on elements of master planning and designing cities towards a more holistic sustainable and smarter development. We will be covering the factors that are shaping urban transformation and enhancing liveability which includes designing integrated cities through advance technology, transit-oriented developments, effective use of land, creating new districts and integrated townships, spatial planning, place making, neighbourhood developments, vertical cities and mixed use developments, incorporating sustainability in developments and city planning, planning ahead for climate change and natural disasters, planning energy efficient cities, coming up with new innovative methods to incorporate sustainability in a high tech smart city to tackle challenges of rapid urbanisation, future economic development and to make your city the “Best Liveable City.”

Stream Two: Smart & Connected Infrastructure

This stream will focus on how technology and people solutions are helping the development of integrated, sustainable infrastructure. We will discuss the new paradigm shift in infrastructure planning and designing by leveraging technology to create a sustainable city with low carbon emission, engaging citizens for better decision making through transparent and open government data and reviving, restructuring and repurposing old cities and existing developments to transform and create smart cities. It will also focus on connectivity and integration of transportation and mobility as well as public private partnerships. Not limited to that, this stream also builds the concept of “not just everything smart, but creating an intelligent ecosystem”

Exclusive Day 3: Sustainability, Future Resilience and Adaptation

The world is already experiencing changes in average temperature, shifts in the seasons and an increasing frequency of extreme weather events and other climate change impacts and slow onset events. The faster the climate changes, and the longer adaptation efforts are put off, the more difficult and expensive it could be. Adaptation refers to adjustments in ecological, social, or economic systems in response to actual or expected climatic stimuli and their effects or impacts. It refers to changes in processes, practices, and structures to moderate potential damages or to benefit from opportunities associated with climate change. With that, countries and communities need to develop adaptation solutions and implement action to respond to the impacts of climate change that are already happening, as well as prepare for future impacts. As a result, we can play a role in building a sustainable city.

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